City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


(a) Approvals or Denials. Decisions on all applications on which the Zoning Administrator or the Planning Commission may take final action shall become effective ten (10) calendar days after the decision is made, unless an appeal is filed. Decisions of the City Council, unless otherwise stated, are effective and shall be final on the date Council action is taken. Reclassifications and projects requiring reclassifications or ordinance amendments shall, however, become effective on the effective date of the reclassification or other ordinance, or on the date of another event if prescribed in the reclassification or other ordinance.

(b) Reapplications. New applications for the same planning project involving similar purposes shall not be accepted for review, if previously denied, for a period of one year from the date of the final action. However, the one-year limitation shall not apply if the final approval body (1) waives the limitation after an applicant's written request; or (2) states at the time of decision that the denial is without prejudice.

(c) Covenants and Conditions. Unless otherwise provided, the decisions of the approval bodies shall run with the land. Conditions imposed by the approval bodies on a project are binding upon successors to the applicant.