City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.

27.62.230 DEVELOPMENT.

(1) Unless otherwise specified in the approval, special permits issued hereunder shall be governed by the time limitations of Section 27.08.060. In cases where the planned development concept includes development phases, every additional application necessary to complete the concept must be filed for not later than three years after the original council approval of the planned development concept, unless a longer time limit is authorized by the Council. Each such additional permit, as well as the special permit for the planned development, shall itself be governed by the time limitations of Section 27.08.060. The permit shall run with the land and may be exercised by the successor to the applicant.

A further extension, for a period not to exceed one year, may be granted upon a proper showing that the delay in acting upon the approval granted has been occasioned by action or inaction of governmental agencies and is not due to delay or default on the part of the applicant.

(2) When the City Council approves a planned development plan, building permits and certificates of occupancy may be issued in conformance with the plan so approved, provided that all other requirements of this code have been met.

(3) No major modification of an approved development may be permitted without the approval by the City Council of the amendment to the special permit upon the recommendation of the Planning Commission after hearings duly held pursuant to the procedure hereinbefore set forth.