City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


(a) The Commission shall review and take final action, subject to appeal to the Council, upon all applications for:

(1) Appeals from the decisions of the Zoning Administrator;

(2) Special use permits other than for high rise buildings, or those identified under Section 27.06.020(h)(6);

(3) Site Plan and Architectural Review for projects that incorporate:

(A) Twenty-six (26) or more residential dwelling units that meet objective design standards as adopted by resolution of the City Council; or

(B) Six (6) or more residential dwelling units that do not meet objective design standards as adopted by resolution of the City Council; or

(C) Over 10,000 square feet of non-residential development.

(4) Site Development Planning Applications involving grading of more than five thousand (5,000) cubic yards under Section 23.40;

(5) Tentative Maps and Parcel Maps with exceptions under Title 26 (Subdivisions);

(6) Applications which are accompanied by environmental impact reports, other than reclassifications, planned developments, special use permits for high rise buildings, and general plan amendments;

(7) Release of conditions or easements recorded by the City under Section 27.08.045.

(8) Modifications under Section 27.08.080(b).

(9) Variances as authorized in Section 27.78.040 for planning applications for structures other than single-family and duplex.

(10) Planned signing districts and freestanding signs over eight (8) feet in height.

(b) The Commission shall review and make recommendations to the Council upon all applications for reclassifications, planned developments, site plan and architectural review for buildings exceeding 55 feet in height, General Plan amendments, projects which are fully or partially funded by the City and otherwise require Planning Commission review, and projects which include as part of the site any parcel of land which is in whole or in part subject to the tidelands trust provisions of State law.

(c) The Commission may, on its own initiative, recommend to the Council that proceedings be initiated for an amendment, supplement, change or repeal of the whole or any portion of this Title, provided that public hearings thereon shall be held in the manner prescribed in this Title. The Commission shall periodically initiate a comprehensive review of the provisions of this Title and make a report of its findings to the Council.