City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


The following minimum development standards shall apply to all new recycling collection areas.

(a) The design, construction, and location of recycling collection areas shall not conflict with local laws relating to fire, building, access, transportation, circulation or safety.

(b) Outdoor recycling areas must have bins or containers that provide protection against adverse environmental conditions.

(c) Adverse impacts such as noise, odor, vectors, or glare shall be mitigated through adequate separation, fencing, landscaping and maintenance.

(d) Areas for recycling shall be adequate in capacity, number and distribution to serve the needs of the occupants' of the development project. Site design must include adequate space for recycling and garbage containers and access for recycling/garbage collection trucks. The recycling/garbage collection area enclosures shall be located on level ground.

(e) Dimensions of the recycling collection area shall accommodate the number and type of containers needed for both garbage and recycling receptacles sufficient to meet the recycling needs of either the development project for new developments, or the individual tenant for expansion projects.