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City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


Recreational vehicle storage facilities may be permitted as a special use subject to the following conditions:

(a) Habitation Prohibited. Habitation of any kind shall not be permitted in stored vehicles.

(b) Surfacing. Vehicle storage areas shall be improved with a compacted base of not less than four (4) inches thick and surfaced with a plant mix asphalt, concrete surface, or other surfacing acceptable to the Director of Public Works.

(c) Vertical Clearance. Recreational vehicle storage facilities shall provide a vertical clearance of not less than 14 feet in all storage areas.

(d) Standard Stall Sizes. Stall sizes for recreational vehicles shall be not less than nine (9) feet by 20 feet, 10 feet by 25 feet, and 10 feet by 30 feet. A mix of the stall sizes is desirable with reservation of larger stalls for larger vehicles.

(e) Sight Distance. To maintain visibility into the interior of the facility, spaces closest to the periphery of the facility shall be occupied by recreational vehicles that do not exceed seven (7) feet in height or a height equal to the height of the fence, whichever is greater. Taller vehicles shall be parked in the center of the facility.

(f) Sewage and Waste Facilities. Recreational vehicle storage lots containing 25 or more spaces shall provide and properly maintain facilities for the collection and disposal or treatment and disposal of sewage and other waste. The design and maintenance plan for such facilities shall be subject to approval of the Department of Public Works.

(g) Lighting. The storage lot shall be illuminated at night so as to permit proper police surveillance. All lighting shall be directed away from adjoining properties and shall be adequate to meet the approval of the Police Department.

(h) Security System. Facilities shall provide for security in a manner which meets the approval of the Police Department.

(i) Fencing and Screening. All recreational vehicle storage spaces shall be securely enclosed and effectively screened on each side by a six (6) foot solid wall or solid fence, or densely planted shrub mass of a species whose height can be maintained between six (6) feet and eight (8) feet. Such required enclosure and screening shall conform with the sight distance requirements per SMMC Chapter 27.84 and with the front and side yard setback requirements of the district in which the lot is located, and shall meet the approval of the Police Department.

(j) Transitional Yards and Buffers. Where a zoning district containing a recreational vehicle storage facility adjoins a residential district, a landscaped transitional yard of at least 15 feet shall be provided on site to screen the facility. Where this occurs adjacent to public rights-of-way, the landscaped transitional yard shall be on the right-of-way side of any fences or walls. Trees shall be a major element of the landscaped transitional yard.