City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.

27.32.020 SPECIAL USES.

The following uses may also be permitted, subject to approval of a special use permit:

(a) Special uses permitted in the residential and C1 districts, except increases in floor area ratios;

(b) Clubs, lodges, and fraternal organizations;

(c) Commercial recreation uses;

(d) Hospitals;

(e) Mortuaries;

(f) Public transportation facilities and terminals;

and other similar uses;

(g) Residential units on parcels without a residential overlay district classification subject to R4 district "Minimum Development Standards" in Section 27.24.040 and affordable housing requirements as adopted by City Council resolution, unless otherwise specified in Chapter 27.29; however, secondary units are prohibited;

(h) Recreational vehicle storage, subject to the provisions of Section 27.64.267 of this Title;

(i) Theaters, excluding drive-in theaters; and

(j) Other compatible uses as determined by the zoning administrator subject to the granting of a special permit.