City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.

27.64.269 VALET PARKING.

Commercial uses may provide valet parking to satisfy the parking requirements of this chapter as follows:

(1) Special Use Permit. The provision of valet parking to meet this chapter's parking requirements may be authorized by the Planning Commission upon application for a special use permit according to the procedure set forth in Title 27.

(2) Number of Spaces. Valet parking may be allowed for a project when the total number of required off-street parking spaces for the building or use is at least 50, and at least half of the total number of required spaces will be provided in a self-parking configuration either on-site or off-site in full compliance with the regulations of this chapter.

(3) Design. The design of valet parking facilities need not conform to the regulations contained herein for self-parking facilities; provided, however, that such design meets with the approval of the Planning Commission.

(4) Valet Parking System. In addition to the required drawings, the applicant shall submit a plan describing in detail the proposed number of attendants, hours of valet parking service operations, fees charged to patrons, and such other pertinent information as may be required from time to time by the Commission to enable it to determine the practicability of the valet parking proposal.

(5) Discontinuance of Valet Parking. When an approved valet parking system provided to meet the requirements of this chapter is discontinued, intensity of the use formerly served by such parking shall be immediately reduced to the extent necessary to bring the use into full conformance with the parking requirements of this chapter.