City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


The following uses are permitted:

(a) Permitted uses in the C1 district;

(b) Art galleries;

(c) Automotive accessory stores, excluding on-site service and repair of vehicles;

(d) Boarding, lodging, or rooming houses;

(e) Catering services;

(f) Hotels and motels, including restaurant and meeting rooms;

(g) Laundries;

(h) Medical and dental clinics, including laboratories;

(i) Offices;

(j) Parking facilities;

(k) Printing, lithographing, or publishing establishments for newspaper, business cards, and other similar uses;

(l) Radio and television broadcasting stations;

(m) Reproduction services;

(n) Residential units, only on parcels designated with a Q5 overlay classification or a residential overlay district classification, subject to R4 district "Minimum Development Standards" in Section 27.24.040 and affordable housing requirements as adopted by City Council resolution, except as otherwise specified in Chapter 27.29; however, secondary units are prohibited;

(o) Retail uses, including incidental rental and repair;

(p) Emergency Shelters, located more than 300 feet from single family zoning districts;

(q) Accessory uses to principle uses permitted; and

(r) Other compatible uses as determined by the zoning administrator.