City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


(a) The City license will include, at a minimum, the following conditions:

(1) Only qualified patients, persons with identification cards, and primary caregivers may cultivate medical marijuana collectively or associate for the purpose of doing so.

(2) Absolutely no advertising of marijuana is allowed at any time.

(3) Exterior signage is limited to site addressing only.

(4) The collective site will be monitored at all times for security purposes.

(5) A centrally monitored alarm system is required.

(6) Interior building lighting, exterior building lighting and parking area lighting will be of sufficient foot-candles and color rendition, so as to allow the ready identification of any individual on-site at a distance of no less than 40 feet.

(7) Windows and roof hatches will be secured with bars on the windows so as to prevent unauthorized entry, and be equipped with latches that may be released quickly from the inside to allow exit in the event of emergency.

(8) No marijuana product may be visible from the building exterior.

(9) The activities that may be conducted at a licensed collective are limited to cultivation of marijuana for personal use and preparation of cultivated marijuana for personal use, such as drying and processing.

(10) No cooking, preparation, or manufacturing of marijuana enhanced or edible products, including, but not limited to, cookies, candy, or brownies is allowed.

(11) No sales of marijuana are allowed on-site.

(12) No persons under the age of 18 are allowed on-site, unless such individual is a qualified patient and accompanied by their licensed attending physician, parent or documented legal guardian.

(13) The quantity of marijuana located at the facility where medical marijuana is collectively cultivated may not exceed the maximum quantity of medical marijuana authorized by State law needed by the patients who are served by the collective, consistent with the regulations set forth in this chapter.

(14) The Police Chief may inspect the collective at any reasonable time to ensure that the amounts of medical marijuana on-site conform to this chapter and State law.

(15) All cultivated marijuana must be secured in structures consisting of at least four (4) walls and a roof, and conform to specified security standards, as to locks, deadbolts and additional security measures.

(16) The consumption, use, or smoking of marijuana at a facility that is licensed for the collective cultivation and/or possession of marijuana, or in the parking areas of said facility, or in vehicles located at or near or under said facility is prohibited.

(17) The medical marijuana collective shall comply with all the applicable building, zoning, and environmental requirements set forth in this code or State law. No medical marijuana collective may be licensed to operate on a property located immediately adjacent to any property on which a residence exists, or on a property located in a zone other than the M1 (Manufacturing) or C4 (Commercial Service) zones.

(18) The medical marijuana collective may not be operated or located in or within 500 feet of the grounds of a school, recreation center, or youth center.

(b) The License Committee reserves the right to make additional security and safety conditions, if necessary, upon receipt of detailed building plans.