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City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


Waste discharge permits shall be issued to applicable users and levied applicable fees as provided for in this chapter and shall be classified as follows:

(a) Class A Discharge Permit. A Class A permit shall be issued to all significant industrial users (SIU). Class A permit holders are regulated in accordance with the requirements specified in the pretreatment regulations, 40 CFR Part 403 and 40 CFR Chapter I, Subchapter N, Parts 405-471, as amended, and this chapter.

(b) Class B Discharge Permit. A Class B permit shall be issued, at the discretion of the Director, to any user who is not a significant industrial user, yet requires periodic inspection and/or monitoring to verify compliance with this chapter. A Class B permit may be required for discharge of industrial waste from stationary sources, trucked wastes, contaminated groundwater, and other industrial wastes approved by the Director for discharge to the sanitary sewer.