City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.

5.69.060 TIME LIMIT.

Except as otherwise in this section provided, all regulated sales made pursuant to the permit provided for in Section 5.69.030 must be made within the period of 30 calendar days including and following the first day of sale specified in the permit. If the sale is not completed within the said 30 calendar-day period, the permit holder shall have the privilege of renewing the said permit for an additional period of 30 calendar days immediately following said first 30-day period upon the payment of an additional fee, which shall be one-half of the original fee paid for such regulated sale permit; provided, that application for renewal shall be made to the Tax Collector and the permit fee deposited with him or her prior to the expiration of the first 30 calendar-day period; further provided that no permit shall be renewed so that any regulated sale under this code shall continue for a period of more than 60 calendar days.

No permit for conducting a regulated sale shall be issued to the same applicant, or for any portion of the same stock of goods, or for use upon any portion of the same premises, within 90 days after expiration of the period covered by a prior regulated sale permit.