City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


(a) In addition to the information required in Chapter 5.15, the application for a regulated sale permit shall also set forth:

(1) The location of the proposed sale;

(2) Nature of occupancy, showing length of term of lease, if any;

(3) Reason for proposed sale;

(4) Dates upon, or during which, proposed sale is to be conducted;

(5) The number and date of a valid business tax certificate issued by the City to applicant;

(6) Any other facts or statements required by the license collector.

Fingerprints of applicant shall not be required.

(b) Such application shall be accompanied by the following:

(1) A full, true and correct inventory or statement itemizing in detail the amount and description of the goods, wares, merchandise, and personal property to be sold at such sale, together with the proposed selling price of each item;

(2) The required permit fee in an amount equal to one-tenth of one percent of the total selling price of the goods as shown upon the inventory, but not less than $10.00.

(c) The permit shall authorize the conduct for the respective sales therein permitted upon the days listed in the application.

(d) In the event that the Tax Collector has determined that any unusual purchases or additions to the stock of goods, wares or merchandise, for which said application has been filed, have been made within 60 days prior to filing such application, the Tax Collector shall refuse to issue the permit provided for in this section.