City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.

27.71.040 Definitions.

The following definitions shall apply to this chapter:

(a) "Existing Trees" means all existing trees over six inches in trunk diameter (measured at 54 inches from natural grade) on the subject property and any Protected Trees on the subject property or any property within 30 feet of the proposed Construction Activity, as outlined in Chapter 13.40.

(b) "Groundcover" means low growing live perennial vegetation, other than turf, of a species which is sold as a groundcover or shrub by licensed nurserymen.

(c) A "heritage tree" is as defined in Chapter 13.40.

(d) "Landscape" or "landscaped area" means an area that consists of living plantings.

(e) "Landscape unit (LU)" means the unit of measurement for trees which indicates the worth of each relative to one another and towards satisfying City requirements.

(f) "Natural landscaping" means an area consisting of uncultivated native plant growth and other features of natural terrain such as rock outcroppings, streams or other areas covered by water.

(g) "Plantings" means annuals, groundcover, turf grass, shrubs or trees.

(h) "Protected Tree" means a Heritage Tree or Street Tree as defined in Chapter 13.40 or a tree designated as protected as part of an approved Planning Application that is subject to this Chapter.

(i) "Project Arborist" means an ISA Certified Arborist designated to evaluate the potential impacts of Construction Activity on Protected Trees, write specifications for tree preservation, oversee Construction Activity within the Dripline of Protected Trees and other necessary activities as determined by the City Arborist.

(j) "Shrubs" means live perennial vegetation, greater than an average height of two (2) feet and maintained below twelve (12) feet in height. Vines shall be considered shrubs.

(k) "Street Tree" means any woody perennial plant having a single main axis or stem capable of achieving ten (10) feet or more in height, growing along or within public right of way or planted within public right of way or a designated planting easement.

(l) "Trees" means a live self-supporting woody plant having at least one well defined stem or trunk and normally attaining a mature height and spread of at least twelve (12) feet, and having a trunk that may, at maturity, be kept clear of leaves and branches at least six (6) feet above grade.

(m) "Turfgrass" means live vegetation of a species normally grown as turf by a nursery and which is maintained at a height of three inches or less.