City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


(a) Required Landscaping. All required front and street side yards shall be landscaped, except for necessary driveways and walkways. In all other areas landscaping shall be required except for necessary circulation areas, paved outdoor living areas or water features.

(b) Buffering and Screening. Plantings shall be provided to buffer residential uses from commercial or industrial uses. Plantings shall also be provided to screen service and storage areas, parking lots or unsightly areas. Plantings shall be used where appropriate to control noise, wind, climate and ensure privacy.

(c) Outdoor Living Areas. Landscaping shall be arranged so as to provide usable outdoor living areas where appropriate. Plant materials and architectural features should be used to control noise, sun and wind and provide adequate privacy.

(d) Composition of Required Landscaping. All required landscaping shall include the planting and maintenance of some combination of trees, groundcover, shrubs, vines, annuals and lawns. In addition, the combination or design may include natural or structural features, including, but not limited to, fountains, reflecting pools, artwork, screens, walls, and fences.

(e) Security. Landscaping shall be installed and maintained to provide aesthetic quality while promoting building security.

(f) Minimum Requirements. The provisions contained in this chapter are intended to be a minimum standard. Compatibility with other projects and compliance with required findings and adopted goals and policies of the City shall be evaluated through the planning application process.