City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.

27.64.025 DRIVEWAYS.

New driveway access to arterial streets (as defined in the Circulation Element of the General Plan) is prohibited unless no other means of access is available. Existing curb cuts on arterial streets shall be eliminated in new developments whenever feasible. Access to garage space or parking space shall be provided by a driveway or driveways according to the following standards:

(1) All Uses.

(A) Driveways may not be less than 10 feet wide when serving two (2) or fewer garage or parking spaces, and not less than 12 feet wide when serving three (3) or more garage or parking spaces.

(B) Each required off-street parking stall shall open directly upon an aisle or driveway of such width and design as to provide safe and efficient means of vehicular ingress and egress. All off-street parking facilities shall be designed with appropriate means of vehicular access to a street or alley in a manner which will least interfere with traffic movements, and shall provide a safe and efficient means for pedestrians using the parking facility to access the building entry.

(2) Residential Uses. Residential driveways shall not exceed 20 lineal feet in width. If additional driveway width is desired in order to serve three (3) or more garage or parking stalls, the applicant shall submit appropriate plans for the approval of the Zoning Administrator and Director of Public Works. For more than one (1) curb cut on a parcel on any street frontage, at least 20 feet measured at top of curb shall be provided between each curb cut.

(3) Nonresidential Uses. Driveways serving nonresidential uses shall not exceed 26 lineal feet in width at the street property line for each 50 feet of lot frontage upon a street, except that any lot having less than 50 feet street frontage may have but one (1) 20-foot driveway. In addition to the restrictions above, lots of more than 50 feet in width at the street line may have a total width of driveways at the front property line of no more than 52% of the total lot width abutting upon a street.