City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.

27.18.070 Front Yard

(a) A front yard setback not less than twenty-five (25) feet in an R1-A district and not less than fifteen (15) feet in an R1-B or R1-C district shall be provided.

(b) Garage setback. A front yard setback not less than twenty (20) feet in an R1-B or R1-C district shall be provided for a garage.

(c) Private roads. Buildings erected or enlarged on property fronting upon a private road or easement shall maintain a front setback of at least fifty (50) feet from the centerline of such private road or easement.

(d) Limits on paving. This subsection regulates the amount and location of paving in order to: (1) maintain an aesthetic, landscaped appearance along the street frontages; and (2) maximize the amount of usable open space and landscape areas for single-family properties. The portion of the required front yard setback that is paved shall be limited to driveways or walkways. The paving (including pervious and non-pervious surfaces), shall be limited to:

(1) that required for necessary driveway, as follows:

(A) Single car garages: 17 feet maximum in width or 40% of the street frontage, whichever is less, beginning at the side property line adjacent to the driveway, and including any contiguous paving (i.e. pedestrian walkways) with the following exception:

(i) For those parcels with single car garages, carports, or open parking spaces setback more than 35 feet from the front property line, no paving in addition to the driveway shall be allowed in the front yard setback.

(B) Two-car garages or larger: 20 feet maximum in width.

(C) For properties located on a cul-de-sac, a driveway at least 10 feet in width shall be permitted when providing access to two or fewer garages, carports, or open parking spaces, and 12 feet in width when providing access to three or more garage, carport, or open parking spaces;

(2) Circular driveways subject to SPAR review; and

(3) Pedestrian walkways which are five (5) feet or less in width.

(e) Landscaping. Other than the paving for driveway and walkway that are permitted in subsection (d) above, the remaining portion of the required front yard setback is intended to: (1) be improved with landscaping and elements for outdoor living, and (2) provide space for the preservation of heritage trees. Parking is prohibited in outdoor living areas and in areas delineated in Section 27.64.023 of the San Mateo Municipal Code.