City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


Final approval of a planning application shall expire two years from the date of approval, with the following exceptions:

(a) A completed building permit application is filed before the expiration date and a building permit is issued prior to or within six months after the two year expiration date.

(b) The property within two years has been used in conformance with the final order.

(c) Approvals granted to the City of San Mateo or the Redevelopment Agency of San Mateo shall be in force and effect for such time period as funds are budgeted in whole or in part for the project by the City or Agency.

(d) Projects with associated subdivision maps that remain in effect or have been extended by mandate of the state Subdivision Map Act or San Mateo Municipal Code section 26.48.135, 26.48.140, or 26.56.087. Those planning approvals remain effective for the term of the subdivision map approval, if required by State law.

(e) Projects for which an extension has been obtained in accordance with Section 27.08.087 below.