City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


(a) The following projects, as well as other projects that may be designated in this code, require a site plan and architectural review and no such project shall commence until the approval body has approved a planning application for site plan and architectural review: any building, new parking lot, fence over six feet in height, or an extension, alteration, or addition of or to an existing building or parking lot; historic buildings within the Downtown Specific Plan area as specified in Chapter 27.66. Single family and accessory buildings that conform to the standards contained in Chapter 27.18, or minor facade modifications as defined in Section 27.04.313, and which conform with Section 27.08.031, are exempt from this requirement, unless they are specifically designated by this section as requiring review. In making its review, the Zoning Administrator, Development Review Board, and Planning Commission shall be guided by the standards adopted by the Planning Commission and City Council. The application shall be approved if the Zoning Administrator or Commission finds all of the following to exist:

(1) The structures, site plan, and landscaping are in scale and harmonious with the character of the neighborhood;

(2) The development will not be detrimental to the harmonious and orderly growth of the City;

(3) The development will not impair the desirability of investment or occupation in the vicinity, and otherwise is in the best interests of the public health, safety, or welfare;

(4) The development meets all applicable standards as adopted by the Planning Commission and City Council, conforms with the General Plan, and will correct any violations of the zoning ordinance, building code, or other municipal codes that exist on the site;

(5) The development will not adversely affect matters regarding police protection, crime prevention, and security.

(b) All buildings, structures, landscaping, and other establishments shall be constructed in accordance with the approved drawings.

(c) The City Council shall review and make the final determination on all buildings exceeding 55 feet in height or where required by express General Plan provisions.