City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


(a) A planning application (PA) shall be submitted for any project requiring a:

(1) Site plan and architectural review;

(2) Special use permit;

(3) Temporary use permit;

(4) Variance;

(5) Site development permit;

(6) Subdivisions;

(7) Reclassification;

(8) Planned development;

(9) General Plan amendment;

(10) Specific plan amendment; or

(11) Code amendments regarding land use regulation.

(12) Downtown Economic Development Permit.

(13) Planned signing districts and freestanding signs over 8 feet in commercial districts.

(14) Single Family Dwelling Design Review (SFDDR).

(b) A planning application shall be filed on the form prescribed by the Department of Community Development, and shall include such information as may be required. The contents of the application and any reports pertaining thereto shall make up the official file. Each submitted application shall receive a PA number.

(c) Each application shall be accompanied by:

(1) A written statement by the owner(s) of the property approving submittal of the complete application; in instances where the applicant is not the same person as the owner, a statement signed by the owner (a) describing the nature of the applicant's interest, and (b) authorizing the applicant to act on behalf of and to bind the owners, shall also be required.

(2) An accurate legal description of the property;

(3) A scaled map or diagram of the property;

(4) A statement describing the existing improvements on and use of the subject property and any proposed changes;

(5) Fees or deposits set by Council resolution pursuant to Chapter 27.12;

(6) Other documents or information that may be required including, but not limited to: Title reports; dimensioned architectural drawings showing elevations of existing and proposed buildings; existing and proposed landscaping and other ground treatment; required parking facilities; building and development data; sign information; photographs; materials sample boards; scale models; photomontages, or environmental information.

(7) For properties subject to Single Family Dwelling Design Review (SFDDR), a statement under penalty of perjury, along with a proof of service, that the applicant has noticed the owners of properties within a 500-foot radius of the boundaries of the property that is the subject of the application as such owners are shown on the most recent San Mateo County assessor's property tax roll available at the San Mateo City Hall, has provided opportunity for discussion of the proposed application with the owners, and has allowed available plans to be reviewed by them.

(d) Applications shall be set for review when determined by the Zoning Administrator to be complete.

(e) Planning applications may consist of single or multiple development approval requests. Environmental documents shall be filed in conjunction with other approval requests, except that applicants may also request that a Master Environmental Assessment or Master Environmental Impact Report be prepared and approved prior to approval of a project.

(f) Planning applications also include formal actions which are final with the Zoning Administrator.