City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


(a) A planning application is determined to be complete when all documents, reports, data, maps, fees, and other information prescribed in Section 27.08.010 are submitted and are determined to be adequate to allow the approval body to determine if the required findings can be made.

(b) The Zoning Administrator may require a new planning application for a project initially determined to be complete if one or more of the following occurs:

(1) The project is significantly revised;

(2) New information or material germane to the project is brought to light, or becomes available, or is required to assess a change, or revision in the proposed project and the information affects the ability of the approval body to make the required findings.

(3) City policies, or standards are adopted which require substantial revisions in the project.

If the Zoning Administrator finds that a new planning application is required, and no public hearing has been held on the project, then the application shall be considered withdrawn without prejudice. If a public hearing has been held, the approval body may accept the withdrawal with or without prejudice. Any unspent fees from the original application shall be applied to any new application or refunded, at the applicant's request.

(c) The Zoning Administrator may close out an application, if information is requested in writing by the Zoning Administrator, and the information has not been submitted to the Zoning Administrator or the action has not occurred within 120 days. Files which are closed out are considered to be actions without prejudice, thereby enabling an immediate re-application for a project of the same, or similar nature by any applicant. The re-application shall be subject to all current fees and codes.

(d) The Zoning Administrator's action may be appealed to the Planning Commission within ten (10) days of the Zoning Administrator's action closing out an application, or of determining that a new planning application is required.