City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


The minimum improvements which the subdivider shall make, or agree to make, at his or her expense prior to acceptance and approval of the final map by the City shall be:

(a) Grading, curbs and gutters, paving, drainage and drainage structures;

(2) Street name signs, traffic warning signs, required traffic and crosswalk lines, guard rails, and the like, all in accordance with the City standard specifications;

(3) Sidewalks, pedestrian paths and similar features;

(4) Fire hydrants with required appurtenances;

(5) A water system;

(6) A sanitary sewer system and appurtenant structures with laterals for each lot intended for residential use, and for lots intended for other uses, such connections as may be required. All sewer laterals shall be indicated on plans giving the location from the closest lot corner and depth of lateral;

(7) Street plantings;

(8) All communications and electrical distribution facilities;

(9) A gas distribution system;

(10) Earth retention structures as may be required;

(11) Street lighting;

(12) Underground ducting and appurtenant structures for traffic signals, where required.