City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


(a) The subdivider shall improve, or shall execute an agreement in writing to improve all public or private streets, pathways and easements, and to install such other improvements as are required by this title as are necessary for the general use of lot owners in the subdivision, local neighborhood traffic and drainage needs.

(b) The subdivider shall submit a complete set of plans, profiles, cross sections and specifications for improvements in conformity to the current design standards and specifications and the City standard specifications on reproducible material acceptable to the Director of Public Works for his or her check and approval. The scale of the plans and the size of the sheets shall be subject to approval by the Director of Public Works. If the Director of Public Works approves same, he or she shall certify his or her approval on the face of the tracings and/or other reproducible material.

(c) The Director of Public Works, or such other representatives as may be authorized by the Council, shall have the right to enter upon the site of said improvements for the purpose of inspecting the same. The Director of Public Works shall be furnished with such samples or materials as he or she may require for making tests to determine the acceptability of such materials. Prior to beginning the work on all or any portion of a subdivision, or prior to filing the final map with the Council, the subdivider shall deposit with the City an amount equal to the estimated actual cost for the inspection of the work and the cost of checking materials for said improvements during the entire period of construction of said subdivision or portion thereof. If the amount so deposited exceeds the actual cost to the City, the subdivider shall be reimbursed the balance of the deposit. Should the actual cost exceed the deposited amount, the Director of Public Works shall stop all construction until the subdivider shall present a receipt for a deposit with the City of such additional sum as the Director of Public Works may estimate.

(d) No improvement work shall be commenced until improvement plans and specifications have been submitted to and approved by the Director of Public Works, the fire chief, and the assistant city manager, or his or her representative.

Improvements shall be installed in accordance with the approved plans and specifications to permanent line and grade to the satisfaction of the Director of Public Works who shall supervise the work. All work shall be subject to such inspections as he or she may deem necessary to protect the interest of the City. In no case shall the improvements be less substantial than required by the design standards and specifications and the City standard specifications in effect at the time the plans and specifications are approved, and all grading and major vegetation removal in connection therewith shall conform to all requirements of chapter 23.40.