City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.

23.06.100 Demolition Permits

(a) Demolition permits may be issued if at least one of the following is applicable:

(1) Demolition has been ordered by the building official because of major structural damage or a condition resulting in imminent or immediate danger to public health or safety; or

(2) A building permit or site development permit has been issued authorizing work to be performed which requires the prior removal of an existing structure to accomplish the new construction; or

(3) The City has determined that demolition is necessary in order to perform appropriate soil tests for a proposed project; or

(4) Demolition is required by the City as a condition of approval of a planning application under Title 27 or a subdivision under Title 26 of this code, and the application for the demolition permit complies with the time frame set in the condition of approval.

(5) The demolition involves a nonresidential structure smaller than 3,000 square feet.

(6) The demolition involves an accessory building as defined in Section 27.04.010.

(7) The demolition of structures where a master plan or specific plan has been approved for development of the site provided that: (1) the building official receives written confirmation that the demolition is needed to facilitate the timely construction of new structures under the approved master plan; (2) the structures are substantially vacant; (3) there is written documentation from a lending institution that the project (at least in substantial part) is capable of being financed and the applicant is credit worthy.

(b) All demolition permits shall comply with the following conditions:

(1) The site shall be fenced when open holes in the ground exist, if required by the building official because of other hazards or to ensure maintenance of the site.

(2) All debris, weeds, and other nuisances shall be removed from the site, and the site shall be leveled unless requirements regarding hazardous wastes make leveling infeasible. If planting is not required and construction does not commence within 30 days after demolition, the soil shall be treated with a weed inhibitor approved by the City.

(3) If deemed appropriate, the City may require that the entire site be planted and maintained with a drought tolerant ground cover that will fully cover all exposed soil within six months of planting, or covered to a minimum depth of two inches with crushed rock.

(4) That the site be fenced according to code, or if deemed appropriate, the City may require that any driveway curb cuts not used be provided with bollards and chains, located and installed so as to prevent vehicular entry into the site.

(5) The applicant shall comply with all other conditions that may be attached by the building official to ensure maintenance of the site, including, but not limited to, vacant lot maintenance requirements contained in Chapter 7.48 of the San Mateo Municipal Code.