City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.

17.30.060 REGULATIONS.

All permittees and applicants shall comply with the following regulations:

(a) Prior to issuance of any valet parking permit, the applicant shall provide proof of insurance to the City Manager, or designee at the same levels and manner required for an encroachment permit except that the applicant shall also provide garage keepers legal liability insurance at the same level as required for general liability.

(b) Prior to issuance of any valet parking permit, the applicant shall show proof of having obtained a business tax certificate from the City for both the valet parking operation and any business it serves.

(c) Every permitted valet operation shall identify by placement in a conspicuous spot at the valet station, the price of valet services offered.

(d) Every employee or other person performing valet services shall be a valid licensed driver and wear a conspicuous badge or identification patch providing the person's full name and the name of the applicant or valet service in a form approved by the Chief of Police.

(e) Every valet parking permit holder shall maintain a continuously updated list of the name and residence addresses of its employees who perform valet parking. Such list shall be filed with the City Manager or designee and maintained at the business address listed on the permit application and shall be exhibited on demand of any peace officer. The permit holder shall file and maintain updated lists on a quarterly basis.

(f) It is unlawful for any employee who has been convicted within the previous five years of any offense involving violence, dishonesty, automobile theft, automobile vandalism, or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, to perform valet parking.

(g) Each valet parking permit application shall be accompanied by a permit application-processing fee in the amount adopted by City Council resolution.

(h) No street parking shall be utilized by any valet parking operation, except for space allowed by permit for a valet station and no parking spaces shall be utilized outside the CPID Area.

(i) The City Manager or designee may allow limited valet parking in all City garages during conditions when the permit holder's private lot is utilized to capacity.

(j) No valet parking permittee operating under this chapter may tow or authorize the towing of a vehicle from a private vehicle storage location used for valet parking unless the following conditions exist:

(1) Vehicles blocking access to other vehicles;

(2) Vehicles blocking lot access;

(3) Vehicles blocking fire lanes; or

(4) Vehicles blocking pedestrian access.

Under no circumstances shall a permittee be allowed to tow or authorize the towing of any vehicle from public property or right-of-way.

(k) Customers of all valet parking operations shall be provided a written receipt with the name of the service provider and a contact telephone number.

(l) Applicant shall pay a fee for the use of public parking spaces as valet stations and for parking valet vehicles on city property in the amount adopted by City Council resolution.