City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


(a) Application. Application shall be made at least 20 days prior to the special event for which the permit is sought, provided that the time for application may be shortened if the permit need arises within 15 days of the event. At such time as all information required has been provided, the application shall be deemed complete. A special event valet parking permit shall not cover any valet operation for more than a total of five days within a period of 10 contiguous days. On the day the application is made, notification of the application shall be posted in a visible location at the site of the proposed valet service. The notice shall be made on a form provided by the City. The application shall not be deemed complete until proof of posting at the proposed location by the primarily responsible person, valet operator, or applicant has been filed with the City.

(b) Decision. A decision shall be made at least three days before the intended date of operation if a complete application is filed at least 20 days prior to the special event. If the application is filed less than 20 days prior to the special event, a decision shall be made as is reasonably possible and nothing herein shall be construed to prohibit the City Manager or designee from denying the permit if the City Manager or designee determines that inadequate review time is available.

The City Manager, or designee, shall issue the special event valet parking permit after consultation with the Police Department if the City Manager finds all of the following to exist:

(1) The background and valet service history are such that the proposed operation will not be a health and safety risk to the public.

(2) The number of proposed parking spaces to be utilized is sufficient to ensure that the valet parking operation will not adversely affect the availability of on-street parking spaces or spaces within City parking garages not agreed to by the City.

(3) The proposed traffic flow and location of the valet station, particularly in relation to other nearby valet station locations, will not create undue traffic congestion in the area proposed for the valet service.

(4) The proposed operation will not cause excessive noise, disturbance, fumes or other annoyance and is compatible with the surrounding property uses.

(5) The proposed operation is in compliance with all laws and any applicable policies of the City of San Mateo and the applicant has not made any false or misleading statements in connection with the application.

(6) The proposed operation will provide more parking or increased parking utilization of underutilized lots within the CPID Area.

(7) The proposed operation will not unduly limit access for persons who are disabled or physically challenged.