City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


Any person desiring a fixed location valet parking permit or a special event valet parking permit shall file an application with the Department of Public Works on an application form provided by the Department. The following information shall be provided:

(a) Name, address and telephone number of corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship, person or other business entity applying for permit and all persons driving or having access to the vehicles.

(b) History, with address of operating location of valet services provided by applicant or applicant's operator/agent within the previous five years, including identification of valet permits issued, revoked or suspended.

(c) Identification of a primarily responsible person for operation of the valet service, including that person's driver's license number and social security number and any history of valet service operation.

(d) Identification of address location where valet services are to be provided and the name of any business or event associated therewith including a site plan depicting all on-site parking and the precise location of the valet station.

(e) Identification of all parking spaces, whether on private property or to be leased from public parking facilities to be used by the valet service, and a traffic flow plan to and from the valet station to the parking spaces.

(f) A description of the valet station, including its method of operation, and of the uniforms, if any, to be worn by the station operators.

(g) The application shall include a signed waiver and release authorizing the City to seek information and criminal background history and to conduct an investigation into the truth of statements made on the application. The waiver shall be signed by the applicant and the primarily responsible person.