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City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


At such time as all information required has been provided, the application shall be deemed complete. Once the application is complete, copies of it shall be sent to the Police Department and the Public Works Department and the Downtown San Mateo Association's Parking Committee for review. Those organizations shall have 45 days to review the application and provide written comment. Notice of the review shall be given in accord with Section 17.30.045. The City Manager or designee shall consider the comments from the reviewing groups and other comments by interested persons at the review and determine on whether to issue or deny the permit application. All permits issued under this section shall be for a one-year period. It is the responsibility of the valet operator or primarily responsible person to apply for the valet permit at least 90 days before an existing permit expires for continuous service. Once the permit expires, the valet permit is no longer valid and on-street service is no longer allowed. The City Manager or designee shall approve the application for a fixed location valet parking permit if it finds all of the following to exist:

(a) The background and valet service history are such that the proposed operation will not be a health and safety risk to the public.

(b) The number of proposed parking spaces to be utilized is sufficient to ensure that the valet parking operation will not unduly affect the availability of on-street parking spaces or spaces within City parking garages not agreed to by the City.

(c) The proposed traffic flow and location of the valet station, particularly in relation to other nearby valet station locations, will not create undue traffic congestion in the area proposed for the valet service.

(d) The proposed operation will not cause excessive noise, disturbance, fumes or other annoyance and is compatible with the surrounding property uses.

(e) The proposed operation is in compliance with all laws and any applicable policies of the City of San Mateo and the applicant has not made any false or misleading statements in connection with the application.

(f) The proposed operation will provide more parking or increased parking utilization of underutilized lots within the CPID Area.

(g) The proposed operation will not unduly limit access for persons who are disabled or physically challenged.