City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.

11.30.030 Shared Mobility Device Parking

(a) Shared mobility devices must be parked upright on hard surfaces in the furniture zone of the sidewalk, at bicycle racks, or in areas specifically designated for shared mobility device parking.

(b) Parked shared mobility devices may not:

(1) Impede the regular flow of travel in the public right-of-way or ADA clearance on sidewalks;

(2) Obstruct access to fire hydrants, valves, street furniture, crosswalks, sidewalks, buildings, parks or open space entrances, trails, driveways, or private property access;

(3) Damage property, including but not limited to, landscaping, street trees, or other aesthetic features; or

(4) Interfere with vehicle traffic or public transportation operations, including but not limited to, buses, and trains.