City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


No person shall discharge wastewater into the sanitary sewer system having characteristics that by themselves or by interaction with other wastes may:

(a) Interfere with, inhibit, damage or disrupt any wastewater conveyance or treatment process, sludge treatment process, or plant operation, including inflation of operating costs, and sludge reuse and disposal costs;

(b) Pass through the WWTP into receiving waters or sludge in such manner to cause NPDES permit violations or any other regulatory requirement;

(c) Endanger the health and safety of the general public or City and District personnel who may be affected by wastewater, sludge, and confined atmospheres in the course of their work;

(d) Prevent, hinder, delay, or impede compliance with WWTP effluent limitations established by regulatory agencies, or exceed the same.