City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.

7.35.040 Requirements for Single-Family Generators

Single-Family Organic Waste Generators shall comply with the following requirements. In addition to these requirements, Single-Family generators may also self-haul pursuant to the Self-Hauler requirements in Section 7.35.100 of this Chapter.

(a) Shall subscribe to the City's authorized Organic Waste collection services for all Organic Waste generated as described in this Section. The City, or its Designee, shall have the right to review the number and size of a generator's containers to evaluate adequacy of capacity provided for each type of collection service for proper separation of materials and containment of materials; and, Single-Family generators shall adjust its service level for its collection services as requested by the City, or its Designee. Generators may additionally manage their Organic Waste by preventing or reducing their Organic Waste, managing Organic Waste on site, and/or using a Community Composting site pursuant to 14 CCR Section 18984.9(c).

(b) Shall participate in the City's authorized three container Organic Waste collection service(s) by placing designated materials in designated containers as described below, and shall not place Prohibited Container Contaminants in collection containers.

(c) Shall place Source Separated Green Container Organic Waste, including Food Waste, in the Green Container; Source Separated Blue Container Organic Waste and Recyclable Materials in the Blue Container; and Black Container Waste in the Black Container. Generators shall not place materials designated for the Black Container into the Green Container or Blue Container.