City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


(a) At any time that application is made for a building permit relating to a wet waste retail business where an alteration, addition or repair will take place in an area or multiple areas exceeding 30% of the existing premises area, a plan for the containment, storage and collection of solid waste in accord with regulations created for such purpose shall be submitted with the application. The City Council may adopt regulations implementing this section by resolution. As used in this chapter, "premises area" includes the total gross square footage that is occupied by the wet waste retail business.

(b) In the case of property with multiple occupancies, the Solid Waste Plan required under subsection (a) above shall only be required for that tenant space for which the building permit was applied.

(c) If a solid waste plan is required under this section, no construction shall take place and no building permit shall issue without the prior approval of the solid waste plan by the Neighborhood Improvement and Housing Manager or designee.

(d) No construction commenced under a building permit issued after submission of an approved solid waste plan, as provided in this section, shall be given final inspection approval and/or an occupancy permit until the approved solid waste plan has been complied with and is fully operational.

(e) It is unlawful to fail to comply with the requirements of this section or the regulations adopted pursuant to this section. Failure to comply shall also constitute a public nuisance.