City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


(a) "Recyclable material" means those materials that can be re-used, remanufactured, reconstituted, or recycled.

(b) "Recycling" means the process of collecting, sorting, cleansing, treating and reconstituting materials that would otherwise become solid waste and returning them to the economic mainstream in the form of raw materials for new, reused or reconstituted products which meet the quality standards necessary to be used in the marketplace.

(c) "Refuse collector" means an agent or employee of the City or any person with whom the City shall have duly contracted.

(d) "Scavenging" means the unauthorized removal of recyclable materials that have been placed in a container and/or a location designated by the refuse collector.

(e) "Solid waste" means all putrescible and non-putrescible solid, semisolid, and liquid wastes, including garbage, trash, refuse, paper, rubbish, ashes, industrial wastes, demolition and construction wastes, abandoned vehicles and parts thereof, discarded home and industrial appliances, dewatered, treated, or chemically fixed sewage sludge which is not hazardous waste, manure, vegetable or animal solid and semisolid wastes, and other discarded solid and semisolid wastes.