City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


(a) Notice of a hearing on referral to the City Council on an alleged public nuisance or violation will be given in the same manner and to the same persons as for a hearing on an appeal to the Council of a decision by the Community Relations Commission.

(b) At the time set forth in the notice or at the time to which the Council may continue the proceeding, the Council will hear and consider all relevant facts and testimony presented. The hearing may be continued from time to time by action of the Council.

(c) At the conclusion of the hearing, the Council will determine whether the condition of the premises constitutes a public nuisance, in whole or in part, or an order to abate a violation of Title 23, 25 or 27 should issue, all as specified in the notice of the proceeding. If the Council finds that such a nuisance does exist or such an order should issue, the Council may order the nuisance or violation to be abated, may further require the abatement within a specified time period, and may impose such further conditions on the abatement as the Council finds are just and proper. In the alternative, the Council may send the complaint to the Community Relations Commission or any other board or commission for further hearing and investigation, or the Council may take such other action as the Council determines is appropriate. A copy of the order will be posted on the premises involved on the following work day. If the owners of the premises are not present at the hearing, a copy of the order will be delivered to the owners as was provided for the hearing notice.

(d) The City official undertaking summary abatement under this section may use City forces or a private contractor, or both, and will keep an account of the costs and expenses incurred by the City.