City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


(a) For the purpose of regulating drivers pursuant to this chapter, the Chief of Police is authorized to establish a system of violation marks for the violation of traffic laws and laws relating to public vehicles, upon conviction of a taxicab driver of any offense hereinafter set forth, in accordance with the following classified schedule:

(1) Class I. Four (4) violation marks shall be entered for each conviction of an offense under any of the following sections:

Improper use of spotlight.

Not having good brakes.

Reckless driving.


Driving to left of center of street.

Passing a street car on left.

Passing standing street car or bus receiving or discharging passengers.

Disobeying light, voice, or hand bell, or whistle signals.

Not giving name when requested.

Not assisting at, stopping after, or reporting accident.

Driving wrong way on one-way street.

Not making arterial highway stops.

Parking too close to fire hydrant.

Operating a public vehicle without a public vehicle license, or with a sus-pended or revoked public vehicle license.

Not displaying metal tag.

Improper or illegal manner of operation; illegal display of signs; refusal to transport passengers.

Use of unauthorized signs or advertising.

Nondisplay, tampering with, or destruction of rate card.

Immoral or unlawful use of vehicle.

Zone taxicab on taxicab stand, or parked within forbidden area.

Not having driver's license.

Assigning, giving or transferring badge to another person.

Defacing identification card, badge, or license certificate.

Not stopping at a railroad crossing when signs or signals give indication of approaching train or car designated to rail travel;

(2) Class II. One (1) violation mark shall be entered for each conviction under any traffic law or law governing public vehicles not included in Class I. Provided, however, that whenever a driver is fined, costs suspended, then no violation marks shall be given, although the records shall be kept by the Police Department;

(3) Class III. In addition to violation marks entered on convictions as provided in Classes I and II, the Chief of Police may, after hearing, enter marks for minor violations of rules and regulations, not exceeding one (1) mark in any single case.

(b) Whenever a driver has received 12 violation marks in accordance with the schedule herein provided, during any 12-month period, the Police Chief shall notify the Tax Collector, who shall suspend the permit of the driver for a period of 30 days.

(c) Whenever a driver has received 30 violation marks in any 12-month period the Police Chief shall notify the Tax Collector, who shall revoke the permit of the driver, and the driver shall not be eligible to receive a new permit for a period of one (1) year from the date of the revocation.