City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


The City Manager is authorized and directed to establish such taxicab stands, as will serve the best interest of the public. In such taxicab stands, taxicabs shall park only while awaiting passengers for hire. No taxicab shall park in a taxicab stand for a period exceeding one (1) hour. No taxicab shall be parked or stopped to solicit passengers at any place other than a designated taxicab stand.

The City Manager shall designate taxicab stands by a stanchion or sign bearing the legend that it is a taxicab stand.

As taxicabs leave a taxicab stand those behind shall move up, and any incoming taxicab shall enter only from the rear, and shall stop as near as possible to the last taxicab already at the stand. Not more than one (1) taxicab of one (1) owner shall occupy any stand having a capacity of five (5) vehicles or less; not more than two (2) taxicabs of one (1) owner shall occupy any stand of greater capacity than five (5) vehicles. Should more than the legal number of taxicabs belonging to one (1) owner occupy a given stand at one (1) time, the taxicab of such owner farthest to the rear is the violator.