City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


Terms used in this chapter are defined as follows:

(1) "Driver" means every person in charge of driving or operating any motor-propelled vehicle mentioned in this chapter, either as an agent, employee, or otherwise;

(2) "Law" means any constitutional provision or statute of the United States of America or the State, or any charter provision, or ordinance of the City;

(3) "Owner" means every person, firm, association or corporation having use or control of any taxicab as herein defined, whether as owner, lessee, or otherwise;

(4) "Paint" or "painting" means application of color material in oil solution, and not in water solution;

(5) "Public vehicle" means any vehicle furnishing individual service as a business in the transportation of persons, and seeking their business, or part thereof, on public streets, excluding vehicles furnishing mass services, such as street railway cars, motor buses and omnibuses, which move over fixed routes, or on a fixed schedule, or between fixed termini;

(6) "Stand" means a place designated by the authorities for the use, while awaiting employment, of any passenger-carrying, motor-propelled vehicle;

(7) "Taxicab" means any automobile or motor-propelled vehicle of a distinctive color, of public appearance, such as in common usage in this country for taxicabs, equipped with a taximeter, used for the transportation of passengers for hire over the streets of this City, and not over a defined route, irrespective of whether or not the operations extend beyond the boundary limits of the City, at rates for distance traveled, or for waiting time, or for both, and such vehicle is routed under the direction of such passenger or person hiring the same;

(8) "Taximeter" means any mechanical instrument, appliance, device, or machine by which the charge for hire of a passenger carrying vehicle is mechanically calculated, either for distance traveled, or waiting time consumed, or both, and upon such instrument, appliance, device or machine such charge is indicated by means of figures.