City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.

5.66.050 Registration and Annual Renewal

(a) Application. Prior to advertising or making available the Dwelling Unit for Short-term Rental, Hosts shall register a Dwelling Unit as a Short-Term Rental with the City. This registration shall be submitted on a form prepared by the City and shall include the name and contact information of the Host, the address of the Dwelling Unit being used for Short-Term Rental, the contact information for the local contact person, an acknowledgement of compliance with the requirements of the City's Zoning Ordinance, Municipal Codes, including the requirement to obtain a business license, applicable health and safety standards, and other information as requested.

(b) Fee. The registration form shall be accompanied by a filing fee in an amount established by resolution of the City Council and updated from time to time.

(c) Application Completeness. The submitted information shall be used to determine whether to register the Short-Term Rental. The Host will be notified if an application is incomplete. If the Host fails to timely submit the required information or fees necessary to complete the application, the application shall expire and be deemed withdrawn.

(d) Decision. The Community Development Director shall review Short-term Rental registration applications. After an application is deemed complete, registration shall be approved where:

(1) The Host demonstrates the ability to meet the requirements of this Chapter,

(2) The subject Dwelling Unit is not currently the subject of an unresolved code enforcement case involving health and safety issues in the past twelve months, and

(3) A Short-term Rental registration for the Dwelling Unit has not been denied or revoked in the prior twelve-month period.