City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


If the Tax Collector, or bureau, or any member of the board has reason to believe that any business to which any permit has been issued pursuant to this title does not comply with any law of the state, or any portion of this code, or any rules and regulations described in Section 5.12.050, or any business refuses to submit any information requested pursuant to Section 5.06.105, and if within five (5) days after demand has been made therefor, the required information is not furnished, or the business is not made to conform with the requirements described above, the matter may be reported to the board by the Tax Collector.

The board may issue an order to show cause, giving at least five (5) days' written notice by mail to the business concerned of a hearing to be held before the board at a time and place to be fixed in the notice, why the permit or certificate should be issued, or if issued, why it should not be suspended until the claimed violation has been corrected, or why the permit or certificate should not be revoked, or why a fee for inspection of the premises, in an amount specified in the notice, of not less than five (5) dollars nor more than $50.00, should not be fixed for payment by the business.

The determination of the board shall be subject to appeal by any interested person to the Council.

If the permit or certificate is revoked or suspended, the Tax Collector may, in his or her discretion, refund a portion of the tax or fee paid by the business. The portion is to be prorated for the period during which the business is inoperative due to the revocation or suspension, for the balance of the period covered by the certificate or permit.