City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.

5.03.030 AUCTIONEER.

"Auctioneer" means any person who, by public outcry, sells, or offers to sell to the highest bidder, or any person who arranges for the disposal at public offering to the highest bidder, when bids are called for, either in person or by duly employed and licensed auctioneers, any goods, wares, merchandise, fruits, stocks, bonds and other securities, livestock or other personal property, or any real estate or interest therein, in any building or in or on any of the streets or sidewalks, or in any other place in the City where any and all persons who choose are permitted to attend and offer bids, or any person who advertises as a public auctioneer, or in any other manner holds himself out as such for public patronage, or receives fees as a commission for services as such.