City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


The acquisition of real property by power of eminent domain, negotiated purchase, lease or otherwise shall be by action of the City Council or City Manager, as set forth in this chapter. In acquisitions of real property by action other than condemnation, it shall not be necessary to obtain an appraisal of value, but the Council may so authorize or require.

The City Manager or designee is authorized to purchase affordable ownership residential units in the City, at the purchase price prescribed in the applicable affordability agreement, for purposes of resale to a qualified buyer, as defined in the applicable affordability agreement.

The Council may accept or reject any gift, bequest, devise of real or personal property made to or for the City, or to any of its Boards, Commissions or officers in their official capacity or in trust for any public purpose. It may hold and dispose of the property and the income therefrom for such uses as the Council may determine.