City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.

27.84.020 EXCEPTIONS.

The Zoning Administrator may grant an exception to the height and location requirements for fences through submittal of a planning application as set forth in Chapter 27.08 of this title. The Zoning Administrator may approve or conditionally approve the exception if all of the following conditions apply:

(a) The fence or wall height, location, design and landscaping are in scale and harmonious with the character of the neighborhood;

(b) Granting of the exception will not be materially detrimental to the public health, safety or welfare or materially injurious to other property or improvements in the neighborhood in which the property is located, and shall not limit visibility of pedestrians, bicyclists, or motorists from streets, alleys or driveways; and

(c) Granting of the exception will not adversely affect or be inconsistent with the general plan.