City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


No fence, wall or similar structure exceeding six (6) feet in height shall be erected, constructed or maintained on a property line or within a required yard area as defined in Title 27, except in the following instances:

(a) Street Yards. The maximum height within a front yard or street side yard, as defined in Title 27, shall be three (3) feet, except that:

(1) Fence or wall posts not more than 12 inches wide may be 42 inches (three and one-half (3 1/2) feet) tall, and

(2) Entry structures, such as trellises, over pedestrian gates may be eight (8) feet tall and not more than five (5) feet wide.

(b) Street Intersections and Driveways. The maximum height of fences and hedges near street intersections and driveways shall be limited to three (3) feet when located:

(1) Within the triangular area of private property formed by the extension of intersection curb lines, or pavement edge where no curb exists, and the diagonal line connecting the point on each of the two (2) streets at a distance of 45 feet back from the intersection, as illustrated hereafter, or

(2) Within the triangular area of private property formed by lines 10 feet in length from the point of intersection of the edge of driveways on the subject property or adjacent properties and the edge of the sidewalk closest to the private property, as illustrated hereafter.

(c) Side and Rear Property Line Fences. The maximum height along interior side or rear property line outside of required front or street side yards shall be eight (8) feet provided that:

(1) A building permit, applied for by all property owners abutting the property line fence, is issued pursuant to Title 23, and

(2) 50% percent of the fence above six (6) feet in height shall be open.

Provisions (1) and (2) above shall not apply for single-family properties which are adjacent to a multi-family, commercial or industrial use, although a building permit pursuant to Title 23 shall be required.