City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.

27.68.020 REQUIREMENT.

(a) Prior to approval of a project pursuant to this title, any violations of Federal, State, or local laws existing on the site shall be corrected so that all structures are habitable and free from all public nuisances. If the property owner or applicant believes that it is not feasible to restore existing structures to a habitable condition, the owner or applicant may present evidence of infeasibility and request that a demolition permit be issued. The Planning Commission shall review the request as part of the planning application, and may grant the request if it makes all the findings in Section 23.06.035(f)(1)(F). The decision of the Planning Commission may be further appealed to the City Council pursuant to Section 27.08.090.

(b) After approval of a project pursuant to this title and until a building or demolition permit is issued and construction or demolition for the project has begun, the owner of the project site and the owner of the development rights for the project shall maintain the structures and the project site so that they are habitable and free of all public nuisances, and shall prevent visible deterioration of the grounds or structures on the site from their condition and appearance at the time of the project approval.