City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


Off-street residential parking shall comply with the following additional criteria:

(a) All residential dwelling units shall be provided with the existing or required amount of off-street parking as a part of the sales, lease or rent agreement for the dwelling unit.

(b) The proximity of the resident and visitor parking spaces to the dwelling units shall be as close as practicable.

(c) Resident parking spaces shall be clearly marked or signed "reserved." Visitors' parking spaces shall be clearly marked "visitors only."

(d) Both resident and visitor parking in uncovered and carport spaces shall be adequately lighted at night. Said lighting shall be designed to be directed away from adjacent residences.

(e) Access to all off-street parking spaces shall be easily made without undue maneuvering to get into or out of the stall. All stalls shall be equally accessible.

(f) Each room meeting the standard of The Building Code as a bedroom, shall be counted as a bedroom in determining parking requirements.