City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


Aisles serving off-street parking stalls shall conform with the requirements of the City "Standard Drawings and Specifications" and the following standards:

(a) Aisles parallel and adjacent to public sidewalks shall be separated by a landscape strip of at least six (6) feet.

(b) One-way aisles shall alternate direction, or otherwise provide logical vehicular circulation subject to approval of the Director of Public Works.

(c) Aisles shall provide for non-congestive flow from and into the street by logical relationships with the driveways. A two-way driveway shall directly connect with a two-way aisle. Reversal of the "right-hand rule" of driving for two-way aisles or closely adjacent one-way drives is prohibited.

(d) One-way aisles shall not dead-end.

(e) Circulation requiring use of the street or public right-of-way is prohibited.