City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.

27.40.030 BULK.

(1) Structures and buildings shall be developed in accordance with the following standards:

Building/Structure Height (Feet) Bulk Dimensions
0 thru 55 No limitation
56 thru 75 Above fifty-five (55) feet maximum building dimension of 150 lineal feet and maximum diagonal dimension of 170 lineal feet.

(2) Bulk is measured as illustrated in the following diagrams:

Embedded Image

(3) Variations to the maximum building bulk for buildings greater than fifty-five (55) feet in height may be permitted by a special use permit approved by the Planning Commission subject to the following criteria:

(A) A better and more appropriate design for the site is achieved than without the variation;

(B) The parcel coverage will not exceed 40%;

(C) The parcel size is at least one and one half (1.5) acres;

(D) The design preserves view corridors and sunlight access as well as a design that conforms to all requirements of the Downtown Specific Plan;

(E) The design conforms to the goals, policies and the streetwall area standards of the Downtown Specific Plan;

(F) The project site is designated for residential use in the Downtown Specific Plan, and the floor area above fifty-five (55) feet is utilized exclusively for residential use.