City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


The following uses are permitted:

(a) Permitted uses in the C1, C2, and C3 districts, except that residential uses, office uses on the properties along Palm Avenue between Twentieth and Twenty-fifth Avenues, secondary units, and emergency shelters are prohibited;

(b) Air conditioning and heating sales and service;

(c) Animal hospitals, which may include outdoor kennels;

(d) Automobile parts, service, and repair classified as major motor vehicle repair in Section 27.04.320;

(e) Construction materials sales and lumber yards;

(f) Dry cleaning establishments, without customer service area;

(g) Linen, towel, diaper, and other similar supply services;

(h) Machinery sales, rental, and service, when conducted within an enclosed building;

(i) Parcel delivery and receiving stations;

(j) Processing and assembly of goods determined by the Zoning Administrator to be compatible with adjacent uses, provided that space in a building does not exceed six thousand square feet of total floor and basement space, not including stairwells or elevator shafts; and provided such processing or assembly can be conducted without noise, vibration, odor, dust, or any other condition which might be disturbing to occupants of adjacent buildings. When manufacturing operations of the same or similar products demand space exceeding six thousand square feet, they shall be located in the M1 district.

(k) Sheet metal shops;

(l) Storage and warehousing;

(m) Tool, die, and pattern making;

(n) Welding and iron work;

(o) Wholesale establishments;

(p) Accessory uses to principle uses; and

(q) Other compatible uses as determined by the Zoning Administrator.