City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


Off-street parking facilities shall be provided as required in Chapter 27.64 subject to the following design standards:

(a) Vehicular access shall not be allowed from any primary peripheral streets unless no other access is available;

(b) All open at-grade parking stalls shall be covered with a deck, or trellis, and may be allowed in rear yards only where the maximum rear yard dimension does not abut a street.

(c) The area between the perimeter of any at-grade parking facilities and a parcel's boundary lines shall be landscaped as defined in Section 27.04.267 with a minimum depth of six (6) feet, or a minimum depth of three (3) feet if the landscaping is protected from vehicle intrusion by a low decorative wall and/or bollards not exceeding three (3) feet in height, or a combination of the two alternatives.