City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.

27.18.030 SPECIAL USES.

The following uses may also be allowed if a special use permit is approved:

(a) Detached accessory structures, other than secondary units, containing more than two (2) plumbing fixtures or waste lines;

(b) Swimming pools, hot tubs and spas located in required front yard or street side yard;

(c) Cemeteries, mausoleums, and columbaria, subject to the provisions of the Section 27.18.120;

(d) Churches, convents, parish houses, and monasteries, including as a permitted accessory use emergency shelters subject to the requirements in a residential zone;

(e) Community services including but not limited to libraries, parks, playgrounds, and community centers;

(f) Public and private educational facilities;

(g) Day care centers when located within a public or quasi-public structure such as a school, recreation center, church, temple or similar facility;

(h) Philanthropic and eleemosynary uses;

(i) Public utility facilities; and

(j) Temporary real estate sales offices for a period not to exceed the duration of the construction and sale of homes within the subdivision wherein the sales office is to be located.