City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


"Parking facility" means an off-street area, whether open or enclosed, other than a showroom or sales lot, used to store motor vehicles on a daily basis, but not including the storage of dismantled or wrecked motor vehicles or parts thereof.

(a) "Commercial" means provided by a private party for a fee;

(b) "Private" means provided for the use of residents, customers or employees primarily in response to code requirements;

(c) "Public" means provided by the City, the use of which may or may not be subject to a fee;

(d) "Parking lot" means an open, at-grade parking area, which may be commercial, public or private;

(e) "Parking garage" means an enclosed parking structure provided above or below grade, which may be commercial, public or private.